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hill today about the failed healthcare website. this time health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius was in the hot seat taking full responsibility s. >> although was in charge as it was being built? >> -- was in charge -- >> at that team who is the individual -- >> michelle snyder. >> michelle snyder is the one responsible for this debacle? >> well, excuse me, congresswoman, michelle snyder is not responsible for the debacle. hold me accountable for the debacle. >> thank you, i yield back. >> sebelius also blamed the private contractors who built that site. she promises the site will be fixed by the end of november. in boston, the president defended the highly criticized rollout pointing to the slow start in massachusetts when that commonwealth reformed its healthcare in 2006. >> and today, there is nearly universal coverage in massachusetts! and the vast majority of its citizens are happy with their coverage. [ applause ] >> the president also stood by his promise that if you like your health coverage you can keep it. he said americans are only losing coverage because in
and medicaid services. that department was responsible for creating and today she apologized for the website not working as well as it should. >> this initial experience has not lived up to our expectations or the expectations of the american people. it's not acceptable. >> reporter: she said cms testified the entire -- tested the entire site before it was launched. she said there was no signs of trouble. she testified they were working on a compressed time frame but officials did not delay the launch. mike thompson said he's heard from ston stitch wents who haz heard healthcare policies are changed under obamacare and they are -- they are not happy. >> we've had about 125,000 applications that have been submitted. about 2 million unique visits to the website and about 150,000 calls daily to covered california. >> reporter: today's hearing sets the stage for an even higher profile won tomorrow. kathleen sebelius will testify before a house committee tomorrow morning -- tomorrow morning. back to you. >> thank you. >>> and meanwhile, up to 14 million americans who buy their hea
of the web site kicked off her testimony before the house ways and means committee by saying she's sorry. >>"we know that consumers are eager to purchase this coverage andto the millions of americans who have attempted to use to shop and enroll in healthcare coverage, i want to apologize to you that the website has not worked as well as it should." >> reporter:at times the witness was almost window dressing. peppered with questions about when she'll have enrollment numbers for obamacare, marilyn tavenner stuck to a script >>"we'll have those numbers in mid-november." "mid-november." "mid-november." "mid-november." >> reporter:and with that the political headknocking began -- in the hearing room where open warfare over health care has been waged for decades. a democratic congressman leaped out of his chair claiming his party worked years ago to try to improve the republican prescription drug plan-- but when it came to obamacare, the g-o-p didnt exactly return the favor. >>"the massachusetts experience was very slow initially; and it started to ramp up over time. we
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stamps benefits are being cut significantly. >> cbs news obtained early enrollment figures for i'm susan mcginnis in washington. coming up, numbers the government has so far refused to reveal. >> enjoy it, today could be the warmest day of the week but big changes coming for the weekend. we'll talk about that coming up. >> and a construction worker fatally hit near the freeway early this morning. our backups on 680 going from bad to worse. let's get out to kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran. she has the latest on the investigation live from milpitas. good morning, cate. >> reporter: liz, i just got some new information from chp moments ago. they say that the two victims in this crash worked for statewide traffic safety and signs out of fairfield. meanwhile, the commute is kind of getting backed up right here. we are going to give you a look right now. it could be quite some time before the roads open up around northbound 680. you see the backup there. now we are learning this is an active dui investigation! let's take a look at some video we have from earlier. here's what happe
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in charge of that office that created testifies before congress less than an hour from now. as ktvu's chi la campbell reports from the washington, d.c. newsroom, lawmakers want to know when she knew the website was in trouble. kyla? >> reporter: pam, this marks the first time we'll hear from marilyn taviner. she is the administrator for services or cms. now cms is the branch of the health and human services department in charge of creating they brought in contractors to help build the website. those contractors testified before congress last week saying the administration wanted last-minute changes to the contractors say they warned cms of the risks involved with launching the website october 1st. today, lawmakers want to know when she knew these problems existed and why she and other officials at cms decided to have go live anyway. that hearing gets underway in about 45 minutes. i'll be watching live and i'll have highlights of testimony for you on mornings on 2 after 8:00. live in washington, kyla campbell, ktvu channel 2 ne
griego. time now is 6:01. >>> developing news from capitol hill. a hearing into the healthcare website problems is beginning. among those on the hot seat today, health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius. some house republicans are blaming sebelius for the problems and are calling for her to step down or be fired. >> reporter: a san jose man went on a gold mining trip and never came home. now the search is on in some very wild areas of nevada as they look for clues. >> reporter: and i'm cate caugiran live in santa rosa. california lawmaker wants to reintroduce a bill that could change the way toy guns look, this in light of 13-year-old andy lopez's death. he was shot by a deputy after the deputy thought he was carrying a rifle. >> reporter: and checking conditions right now, down the eastshore freeway, our delays continue to grow. westbound 80 approaching ashby that accident has been cleared now to the right-hand shoulder. the flares are all picked up. but we are seeing delays it looks like as far back as carlson where you see that 22- mile-per-hour sensor and once you get p
$11 million, and i could do a joke about how he's helping healthcare, but she got upset with me? >> i did. >> >> do you remember what i said? >> i don't remember. >> yes, i remember now. [ laughter ] >> too late now. >> 11 championships, 13 years, and they finally honored him, retired in 1969, a falling out with the city of boston, and he's back now with the statue at boston beacon hill. gonzalez is coming up tomorrow morning and hosting kron sports! >>> panic at the airport. >> this is a tactical alert broadcast. due to a major incident noon. the host of the bachelor trapped in the chaos. actor james franco trapped. and real life cannonball run. the 100 miles per hour drive from new york to l.a. in 28 hours. >> deborah: and they weren't stopped once for speeding. >>> then, you won't believe who this little old lady is. heidi klum! >>> and the most elegant jewel thief in the world. has she done it again? wait until you hear what cops say she pulled off at this pricey jewelry store. >>> plus, the spoof that predicted the future. >> the site was only designed to handle six users at a
that. >> congressman, thank you for your time today. >> you bet, thank you. >>> parts of will be taken offline for repair in a few hours. it's the focus of republicans in their weekly address. >> too many americans still cannot even access the online exchanges and for the few that have, they're experiencing sticker shock. the president told us that obama care is more than a website. i agree. it is more than just a website and the problems run far deeper than a few technological glitches. >> the obama administration says it is pulling out all the stops to try to fix, including drafting experts from google and other tech firms to help patch up the ailing website, this as we learn that only six people signed up on the first day and 248 people by day two. let's bring in the chairman and ceo of e-health, handled more than 20 million visitors last year. good to see you. thanks for stopping by, gary. give us a sense of how this is more than a website? we have this graphic from xerox which lays out the exchanges. where do you think they got the rocky start here
of a house committee about problems with >> the president should ask the secretary of human health and services kathleen sebelius to resign her position because of the disastrous rollout of obama care. >> in prepared testimony, secretary sebelius blames contractors for the building of the website. she says, unfortunately a subset of those contracts for have not met expectations. >> do you swear that the -- >> but in testimony last week, those contractors said the real problem was with cms, which demanded last-minute changes and did not allow enough time to fully test the website. >> i want to apologize to you that the website has not worked as well as it should. >> marilyn tavenner, the head of the cms, says it has improved the website. >> you're saying the system right now is working? >> i'm saying it's working. it's just not working at the speed we want or the success rate we want. >> but the troubled website is just one problem with the new health care law. >> the problems with obama care run deeper than just the website. >> republicans have seized on a cbs
's not happy neither is anyone trying to sign up for health insurance of taking enrollment for the 27 states that refused to set up their own exchanges. california's state exchange, has also been experiencing major issues >> meanwhile. hundreds of thousands of current policies are being cancelled nationwide, because of the affordable care act. despite promises that people could keep their current health insurance plans.the affordable care act law states that all insurance plans have to cover prescription drugs and preventative care.plans that people have, that don't provide that coverage are being cancelled. forcing people online to the healthcare exchanges to find new coverage. >> more than 47 million americans who receive food stamps. will get less starting friday. as of november-first, a temporary benefit from the two-thousand-nine economic stimulus. will no longer be available. the agriculture department says that means a family of four will receive 36-dollars less in food stamps each month. >> a southern california city's attempt to shut down production
. was knocked offline sunday along with the data hub that verifies eligibility for government subsidies. service was restored monday. as the health and human services department aims for a november 30th deadline to get the site fully operational, it's giving detailed updates on problems. the latest says, in part, we're also getting information on which parts of the application are causing the most errors, enabling us to prioritize what we fix next. the website is key to getting young tech-savvy people to sign up, young, healthy people are key to making the whole system work, chris and kate, because they offset the older less healthy who are more expensive to provide health care for. >> brianna, thank you so much. >>> a lot of news this morning. let's get to michaela for the headlines. >>> good morning to the two of you. a texas man under arrest after a shocking murder spree near dallas. police say charles brownlope killed five people in four locations, apparently burning one person to death. it's unclear if he has any motive. >>> two suspected members of al shabaab have been k
, christien. >>> happening right now -- the woman in charge of the office that created testifies this morning at a congressional hearing. maryland taviner is the administrator for the centers for medicare and medicaid services or cms. this is a live picture out of the house ways and means committee hearing room. they brought in contractors to help build the website. you may recall in testimony last, with the contractors said they warned cms of the risk involved with launching the website on october 1st. >>> meanwhile, there are reports this morning that millions of americans who buy their health insurance individually are getting their policies canceled and that the obama administration has known about that for three years. according to nbc news up to 14 million people who buy their health insurance individually will receive a cancellation letter in the next year because the current policies don't meet the standards laid out by the new law. the white house told nbc that people whose policies will be canceled will in most cases be automatically shifted to plans with
. the department of health and human services realizes the problems with the website and is working hard to fix them, hhs secretary kathleen sebelius says in testimony prepared for a house hearing. but she says she realizes that the experience "has been frustrating for many americans." sebelius is scheduled to testify before the house energy and commerce committee on wednesday as part of a series of house hearings into the website and issues related to the 2010 affordable care act. her prepared testimony echoes many of the comments made tuesday by centers for medicare & medicaid services director marilyn tavenner before the house ways and means committee. tavenner apologized for the site's problems tuesday and said the department was working to fix them. sebelius will say the same, according to her prepared testimony. coming up on the kron four morning news. five people are behind bars this morning after an s-u-v catches fire in tiananmen square. how they are connected to the firey crash. a shortage of *wine around the global has wine lovers scrambling to scoop up their favorite win
points. the traders could push the dow to yet another new high. >>> box roll out of the new healthcare webbiest is still drawing fire from all sides. today an apology from the administration. >> the website has not worked as well as it should. >> medicare chief marillyn tavemner answered questions and while acknowledging problems she says improvements are happening daily. lawmakers are not appeased. >> you and your staff made repeated claims to the public and congress that everything would be ready on time. everything was a go. none of that proved to be true. >> we cannot solve a problem until we realize the full extent. >> glitches have republicans and even democrats pushing for delays in enforcement of the law. tomorrow the secretary of health and human services will testify before the house energy and commerce committee in the face of calls by some for her to resign. >>> the president is doing damage control on another front as new disclosure surface about government spying on global allies. mr. obama is calling for complete review of how our intelligence operates outside the countr
of you deserve better. i apologize. >> secretary sebelius faces a grilling on capitol hill. >> house republicans have been calling for her head over the botched obama care roll out. >> i hope what we hear from se sebelius is resignation. >> the nsa keith alexander says the u.s. has never gathered phone and e-mail you records of citizens in france and spain. >> there has not been a mass casualty in the u.s. since 2001. >> wall street stocks at an all time high. >> storm led to a series of deadly crash on an arizona highway. >> i jumped out and took off running down the road. >> nine hours to catch a black bear. >> a young boy jumped up on stage. a security guard bribed him with candy. >> a baby moved to tears by her mother's voice. >> all that. >> lakers go onto win by 13. >> the cardinals flight from st. louis was delayed more than seven hours for tonight's world series. >> and all that matters. >> 2013 walter a ward. >> journalism is not about scratching the surface. it is about going beneath the surface and finding the truth. >> on "cbs this morning." >
at an elementary. >> it is for parents against the policy. >>> the troubled federal healthcare policy is back up and running. it went off line for what is called extended maintenance. >> the enrollment tools. and numerous problems since it went live on october 1st. >> the obama administration said it hopes to have it operating by the end of the month. >>> kathleen sebelius was the butt of a political joke. she was there to talk about the healthcare act and presented her with the book. websites for dummies to poke help. she quickly passed the book off to an aide without commenting. >>> it is a first for west point. >> it hosted the first wedding for two men. this is a picture of larry chote iii and his couple. >> they he met through a friend after graduation. back in 2012, they hosted two same sex weddings but they were both women. >>> hall mark is apologizing for changing the wording of on a well nobody ornament. it says don we now our fun apparel. >> it should say don we now our gay apparel. >> they have received negative comments about the change. and she said no one was ever oftenned by them
for republican fights. >> as the government tech team continues to fix problems with it is an argument against the plan itself. >> there are so many destroyers in the house, in the public, in the private health care sector that just want to destroy. >> reporter: our kpix-5 political insiders agree. >> every glitch that will happen with it will be seized on by the republicans, oh, your health care plan staeufrpbgs. >> reporter: another plan, the insurance plans do not meet the requirements. >> when you told the american people you could keep the insurance if you wanted to keep it, period, he said it time and time again he was not telling the truth. everyone has to have it or face a penalty. >> it took us two years to get our web site right in massachusetts. >> the governor, patrick, the state had what is called romney care since 2006. >> it has not broken the budget. more businesses offer insurance to their employees than ever before. the benefits take effect on january 1st. and right now that deadline is still march 31st. in the news room, kpix5. >> the cover ca at 6:00 a.m. from prepared testimony we know she will blame the problem on the contractors who built the website. documents show the main contractor warned the government of the problems a month before the site went live. they wrote "we don't have access to monitoring and hub services are intermitently available." obama administration official who was responsible for the launch of the site has said he is sorry. >> i want to apologize to you that the website has not worked as well as it should. >> this or, republicans will want to know when will the sites really be ready? how many have actually purchased insurance in why are some consumers seeing their current plans canceled when they were assured by president obama they could keep the insurance they had? a growing number of republicans are calling for sebelius to step down or be fired. president obama will talk health care in boston this afternoon. he will compare his act with the health care plan in massachusetts implemented by governor romney. the plans similar and romney's version had rollout problems, too. >> you can access
may be working late at night, the government has announced they will shut down twrying to figure out what's wrong with this website. they need down time when people aren't trying to get on it. it's back up as of this morning, not clear how quickly it's running. but it is becoming more than just a nuisance. even a p.r. problem for the obama administration. it is now a political problem for democrats. we're looking at a number of races tomorrow, the new jersey governor's race, the virginia governor's race, we saw president obama out campaigning for that over the weekend. the new york mayor's race and the message from republicans seems to be if you don't like the roll-out of, if you don't think the health law is working consider voting for republicans because the party wants to get rid of so it we may see impact of this last month of challenges and problems with this website in the elections as the polls open tomorrow in many states. >> interesting to see what happens. thanks so much, tracy. >> nothing short of a rough night for a student who ended up spendi
. >> hard to believe they wouldn't tell him. mean while, on the domestic front, under continuous fire. kathleen sebelius will go to capitol hill and face a grilling. and more calls over the weekend for her to go. >> reporter: she'll get hammered. take a look at this. over the weekend, underwent a facelift. actually, an unfacelift, you might say. that smiling face of that woman is now gone. we never knew her name. the most famous anonymous woman in america. no longer there. >> not since siri. okay, jon, thank you very much. >> okay, george. >>> now to the growing manhunt for the four escaped inmates on the run after their daring jailbreak. the men following the plumbing pipes of a brand-new jail to freedom. ryan owens is in oklahoma this morning with the latest on all that. good morning, ryan. >> reporter: good morning, robin. here it is. the very door those four waltzed right out of early sunday morning undetected. the story of how they got to the door from the inside is something you have to hear. even the sheriff hunting the four admits
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trying to sign up for health insurance of taking enrollment for the 27 states that refused to set up their own exchanges. california's state exchange, has also been meanwhile. hundreds of thousands of current policies are being cancelled nationwide, because of the affordable care act. despite promises that people could keep their care act. despite promises that people could keep their current hey... is this flu shot necessary? it keeps you healthy during flu season. but does it hurt? nah. plus you get a really sweet bandaid! anything else i should know? on the other team. more pois entative care.plan okay. even a warrior can get sick. kaiser permanente reminds you to get your flu shot this season. find female narrator: it's posturepedic versus beautyrest it's posturepedic versus beautyrest with up to $400 off. serta icomfort and tempur-pedic go head-to-head with three years' interest-free financing. mattress price wars are ending soon at sleep train. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ more than 47 million americans who receive foo
. karin kay-fuh has the story. healthcare reform in this state was a success. that doesn't mean it was perfect right away. seat >> reporter:president obama chose boston's faneuil hall to draw a comparison between the slow start for the massachusetts health care law signed in 2006 by then- governor mitt romney -- and the rocky start for the affordable care act. right now, the website is too slow, too many people have got stuck, and i am not happy about it. >> reporter:earlier wednesday on capitol hill -- it is not working. >> reporter:she faced 3-and- a-half hours of questioning, but health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius got the mea culpa out of the way, early on. i apologize. i'm accountable to you for fixing these problems. >> reporter:four weeks after the launch of the website, healthcare-dot-gov, sebelius faced tough questions about the botched rollout. lawmakers zeroed in on what the obama administration knew -- and when it knew it. "i told the president that we were ready to go. clearly i was wrong. " >> reporter:the secretary was also pressed about a pledge
for californians who are on the fence about their healthcare coverage. i just got off the phone with the executive director peter lee. >> this is great, this is very clear for us to be able to do or marketing. and if you want to wait until 2014? you will not get a penalty if you sign between open enrollment. open enrollment. >> from the beginning covered california has had far fewer glitches than the national website, in fact the executive director has been on the phone with the president. >> we've had calls with the president.of millions of americans and we have had talks and he does care a lot about this working because we are changing the lives of millions of americans. >> so far covered california is processing about 125,000 applications. peter lee does say, when covered california did experience initial glitches in the launch, they were fixed in a matter of 48 hours, not weeks. in san francisco, vicki liviakis, kron 4 news. >> otis the season.a chill in the air.and a new flu cases steadily climb in the u-s. the centers for disease control is urging parents to get your kids vaccinat
, for the first time, the obama administration issued a direct apology for >> i want to apologize to you that the website has not worked as well as it should. >> she was also grilled about a wave of cancellation notices hitting small businesses and individuals who buy their own insurance. she said people who get those notices will be able to find better replacement plans on the web site and, in some cases, for cheaper. >>> on the other side of the capitol, another high-profile hearing. the senate judiciary committee heard testimony on the state's controversial stand your ground laws. sabrina fulton, trayvon martin's mother, told the panel the laws don't work and their purpose should be clarified. she said florida's stand your ground law emboldened george zimmerman to kill her son, when was not committing any crimes. >>> in northern california more than 1,000 people marched to protest the fatal shooting of a 13-year-old boy by a sheriff's deputy. the death of andy lopez is a flashpoint. the growing concern about police overreaction and racial profiling. the deputy who killed lopez
administration is apologizing for the website's botched launch. the federal official overseeing that faced tough questions from a key house committee. she began with a blunt statement. >> reporter: as far as free review of obama care. >> getting an assessment of obama law. >> reporter: or a witchcraft stake out. >> democrats want to make it work, republicans don't. >> reporter: house lawmakers, probed, praised or picked it apart. >> we're only four weeks into this one and already declaring it dead. >> now we're told everything will be okay very soon. why should the american people believe you now. >> reporter: the woman in charge of the problem plagued obama care website in her testimony a major maricopa to the public. >> i want to apologize to you that the website has not worked as well as it should. >> new questions over promises made by obama. >> if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. >> reporter: if you like your health care plan, you will be able to keep your health care plan. >> reporter: that's not exactly the case for millions of americans in the individual in
have gotten stuck, and i am not happy about it. and neither are a lot of americans who need healthcare and their trying to figure out how they can sign up as quickly as possible. so there's no excuse for it. and i take full responsibility to make sure it gets fixed asap. we are working overtime to improve it everyday." >> catherine: vice president joe biden is also apologizing for the botched roll out. so is health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius. she took tough questions today from a house committee. and said the web site will be fixed by the end of november. >> catherine: consumers have until march 31st to sign up for coverage or risk penalties. >> catherine: still ahead -- can facebook really predict when you're about to break up?? a new study says it's so. we'll explain. ".i got some safety tips. that you gotta know. " >> catherine: and coming up next. a catchy new spin on safety in the air. our vicki liviakis shows the new virgin america video that's gone viral. >> jacqueline: we will take a look at the morning temperatures and richer countries and your tractor tre
the privacy rights of americans. >> reporter: privacy policy says personal data like social security numbers and financial information can be shared with local governments, private contractors, even the department of homeland security. >> we are just going to keep on working at it. we're going to grind it out. >> reporter: accepting full responsibility for the rocky rollout, president obama directly addressed the millions of americans getting health insurance cancellation letters, urging them to shop for a new plan. >> you will be getting a better deal. >> reporter: and vice president joe biden told cnn both he and the president had been assured that website was good to go. >> neither he or i are technology geeks and we assume that it was up and ready to run. >> reporter: now, about those security concerns administration officials say sharing data is critical to determine whether people qualify for government subsidies. the health and human services development consumers can trust the information they're providing is protected by security standards. savannah, matt. >> thank
trying to sign up for health insurance on people face pane at they don't sign up by march 31. some want the penalties delayed for a year. >> the cost of a can of soda a topic of discussion. one supervisor is proposing a 2 cent per ounce tax on sugary drinks that works out to 25 cents per can. the money raised would go toward youth nutrition and physical activities program. that's not the only controversial vote today. the board is planning to vote on a proposal to close all city parks between midnight and 5:00 a.m. >> this morning the birthplace of the apple computer is part of history. last night los altos historical commission voted unanimously to turn the childhood home of late co-founder steve jobs into an historical site. that mean this is home is now protected so a builder cannot come in and demolish it. the plan is to put a plaque in front of the home where jobs and steve wozniak built the first 50 apple 1 computers. jobs' stepmother marilyn still lives in the home >> amazing. >> i'm sure she gets knocks on the door. >> trick-or-treat. >> exactly. >> can i get an ap
incomes spend more of their money on healthcare, and when we look at medical costs, they are up by 3.1% in the past year so the pressure is on the seniors' budget. >> well, a lot of folks wore roy about the solvency of social security, especially those about to dip into it in the next five or ten years. should we worry? >> i don't want anyone to worry. look, social security is not going broke. the trustees who oversee the program say the trust fund, that's the surplus we have, always had lots of workers putting into the system, that the trust fund will be depleted by 2033, but it's not like there's no money after that. at that point, we have incoming tax revenue, which will cover just about three quarters of the benefits scheduled to be paid out through 2087. the only good news here is that there are absolute fixes that we could use to help the system. for example, congress could increase fica taxes. they could also raise the threshold on which current workers pay into social security. they could also reduce the benefits or maybe some combination of all of those things. the bottom li
of taking enrollment for the 27 states that refused to set up their own exchanges. california's state exchange, has also been experiiencing major issues health overhaul-problems meanwhile. hundreds of thousands of current policies are being cancelled nationwide, because of the affordable care act. despite promises that people could keep their current health insurance plans.the affordable care act law states that all insurance plans have to cover prescription drugs and preventative care.plans that people have, that don't provide that coverage are that people have, that don't provide that coverage are being cancelled. forcing the not so pretty truth about their body whes. i wouldn't chang [ female annouer ] this test per was designed to reac like your skin if other body washes can strip this paper imagine how harsh they c be to your skin oh my go. [ female annouer ] dove is diffent. its breakthrough fmula changes everhing with the blend of gentle cleaers and nourishi nutrium moisture so what do you thinkow? definitely switching to ve. [ female announcer ] dove. th
new information coming from a house of republicans about the affordable care act documents released by the house overnight committee suggests that six people successfully signed up for coverage on the first day of enrollment. new in the last few minutes, the white house is denying reports that obama/biden nearly turned into obama/clinton in 2012. the "new york times" got a advanced copy of the book. top aides considered replacing vice president joe biden with hillary clinton on the ticket. but theed why was scrapped when polls showed the switch was not improve president obama's re-election chances. moments ago, white house pretty secretary jay carney denied that claim. good morning america will have much more on the double down books which comes out next week. but the show, good morning america, is coming up at 7:00. >>> a fresno area woman is suing mcdonald's after suffering burns from hot coffee that spilled in ler lap while she was going through the drive through. a jury award stella lyback nearly $3 billion for her burns 20 years ago. back then, mcdonald'
of affordable health insurance are not signing up on congress released documents showing problems that the website only allowed six people to enroll on the six day and 248 people on day 2. health and human services department says those numbers are based on notes and not official enrollment statistics that it plan to release later this month. the obama administration says it is working to correct the glitches and hopes to have it up and running well by the end of this month. >>> he is begging for mercy. fugitive edward snowden is pleading for international support tonight to stop what he calls america's persecution of him. a german lawmaker flew to moscow to visit the former nsa contractor who was granted asylum in russia after leaking the nsa's domestic spying programs. the lawmaker was there to discuss the recent reports also that the u.s. is also spying on germany including chancellor angela merkel. why there, the lawmaker says snowden gave him a letter in which he asks the united states to stop treating him like a traitor. the u.s. has not responded. >>> okay. call it
on the house oversight and government reform committee. they show 248 enrollments completed through by the end of the day october 2. that's day two. the site could not handle the crush of users trying to use the sight. there are problems with direct enrollment not working. >> and director certainly acknowledged the problems as well. and an outside task force has been brought in to help fix plaus. the department enlisted top engineers and technology managers from cougle and red hat to help solve the problems. larry commented on his company's involvement saying he thinks it is our responsibility as a technology provider in the technology industry to serve all our customers. and the federal government is one of our customers so. we are helping in every way we can. >>the latest about a co-founder of youtube after he released video clips of their proposal at at&t park. kardashian and west say chad hurley filmed a video of the invite only and shared with it click vick. hurley was not invited and manipulated his way in. they claim they let him stay for the eventable only after he signe
contractor you will do your own health care. and it is probably some standard to the old, health-care. so, the president obama healthcare would be more expensive. of course this will equal better health care but it also means another $300 out of an individual's pocket. it is not going to be going to video games. we are going to be taking money out of the economy and towards the government with president obama health care. >> we will be right back refe >> this new hot spot to san jose there is an accident 1 0 1 southbound just south of the guadeloupe overpass. it is blocking the two lanes is normally a delay-free, and problem-free but it is a number of hot spots that we are watching this morning. (male announcer): here's stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly. >> stanley: if you have time take a walk along the bay bridge trail you might notice a few things first off for the first mile and a half the only trash receptacle will be this don't trash california bag the second thing empty water bottles that litter the landscape, but the third the most bizzare are bag like this what
their healthcare coverage. i just got off the phone with the executive director of covered california - peter lee. >> caller: it is good for us that we can be very clear. and we are able to do this right now. however, if you want to wait until 2014. there will not be a penalty. open enrollment. >> from the beginning covered california has had far fewer glitches than the national website, in fact the executive director has been on the phone with the president. >> caller: >> we've had calls with the president.of millions of americans he cares that this is working. >> so far covered california is processing about 125,000 applications. peter lee does say, when covered california did experience initial glitches in the launch, they were fixed in a matter of 48 hours, not weeks. in san francisco, vicki liviakis, kron 4 news. >> catherine: oconsumer reports is out with its new list of the most reliable cars. people always want to know if their car made the grade. zain asher has the details. >> reporter: some of the most reliable cars sold in america... aren't even made in america. consumer reports latest
bonuses even working part-time. where i work, over 400 people are promoted every day. healthcare starting under $40 a month. i got education benefits. i work at walmart. i'm a pharmacist. sales associate. i manage produce. i work in logistics. there's more to walmart than you think. vo: opportunity. that's the real walmart. >>> back now. let's head to willie geist. kerry washington killed it on snl. >> she did but there's been a lot of talk about snl and race and the fact that since the inception of the show in 1975 there's only been four african american female cast members. laur loren michaels says this is a priority and it will change. here's kerry washington as first lady michelle obama on saturday. >> well, in that case i will leave and in a few minutes oprah will be here. >> thank you mrs. obama. >> the producers at saturday night live would like to apologize to kerry washington for the number of black women she will be asked to play tonight. we made these requests because she is an actress of considerable range of talent and because snl doesn't have a black woman on the cast. >> a
-- website should be working smoothly by the end of the month. experts say they made progress despite computer crashes this week. only six people managed to enroll on october 1. 3 million more tried to access the site. the white house says those numbers are unofficial and says it will release an accurate count in the next couple of weeks. >>> an alameda based health can care plan has been removed from california's health insurance exchange. the alameda alliance for health was one of 12 insurance options available on the exchange. it was removed because it failed to get a necessary state license by the october 31 deadline. the state has notified people who signed up with alameda alliance that they must now select another company. . >>> later are today there will be a covered california workshop and health fair in san jose. people will be able to get help with enrolling in covered california and receive blood pressure, dental and vision checkups. that runs from 10:00 to 2:00 at cherry wood elementary school on green gate drive. >>> christmas is eight weeks away. many stores in t
that's been submitted to congress from's main contractor, indicating cgi reported significant concerns whether the site was ready to go. one heading describes top risks currently open and says the testing time frames are not adequate to complete full functional system and integration testing activities. >> this initial experience has not lived up to our expectations or the expectations of the american people, and it is not acceptable. >> reporter: today in boston at the very site where former governor mitt romney signed massachusetts's health care law, president obama will tout the benefits of the affordable care act, but it's his promises that have put the white house on the defensive. >> if you like your health care plan, you will be able to keep your health care plan. period. >> reporter: as nbc news has been reporting since monday, many americans who buy individual coverage have been notified that their current policy will be canceled or changed because it doesn't meet obama care's minimum standards. among the nearly 2 million facing the prospect of having to g
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